Engineering Division

Successful projects are derived from our specialize individuals in our team. Therefore, our team helps customers focus and excel in their core tasks in staying ahead of competition. Your non-core tasks become our core tasks where we substantially invest our resources in the area of equipment & machinery, software & hardware, training and infrastructure to keep us ahead.

In view of the product’s short life span cycle, the success of our customers does not just depend solely on designs, but also product’s time-to-market. Using DFM, DFA and project management techniques, we ensure the quickest transition from product design to part’s fabrication and eventually to product’s integration.


Engineering Design Services

Our 1-Stop-Design Centre provides engineering design services to our customers for works in the area of plastic material selection, mechanical design, electronics hardware and software design. Thanks to our R & D team’s relentless effort, today, we are proud to be a holder of numerous patents.

Our experienced engineers are pioneers in their own fields to ensure our customers meeting their product quality that is above the industry expectations.

Turnkey Services

To offer our customers a complete solution, we have also incorporated a 1-Stop-Fabrication Centre to provide fabrication and integration services to customers’
finalized products.

Our application and program engineers from diverse engineering background enable us to customize the solution to meet the different customers’ objectives.

Our Products/Services include:

  1. Precision sub-assembly parts and fixtures for test equipment
  2. Conveyor roller for Clean-room class-100 compliance & below
  3. System upgrading for HDD test equipment
  4. Test carrier solution for HDD back-end testing